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Top Places to Visit in Florida

Basing on the history of Florida, this city has inspired much fantasies of magical kingdom where dreams have for sure come true.  This city has experienced some of the largest flock of both local and international tourist who visit to have a glimpse of the much hyped places. It is a fact that there are several places and activities that one can visit when in Florida. Here is a list of the top places that one needs to make a point of visiting.

Walt Disney world; this is said to be a planet on its own located in Branson, Missouri. Here, one will have access to the Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that is not available in any other part of the world. The Cinderella castle is quite inspiration with children’s awestruck faces that have been illuminated by fireworks. There are several rides, corny jokes that are said by guys who drive carriages drawn by horses on the main street among others events. The bottom line is that there are many events that you will come across the moment you step in this different planet of Walt Disney.

Miami; this was once a town that was so little  but to date, it is offers pan-American mosaic making it as one of the most Latin city in the northern part of Mexico and in the entire world. Here, one will come across Haitian, Cuban and Colombian cultures and many more cultures that have been splashed against a backdrop of distinctive art décor and architecture. There is a turquoise of waters of the Biscayne Bay that kisses the south sand beach. The diversity of this town makes it more quintessentially American making it one of the most visited places in Florida.

Key west; in case one is feeling that Florida is a bit boring, then the Key West offers the unique taste out of this town. Here, low and high brow mix up with an attitude that is full of devil may care. The good thing with this place is that there is always a party hence, no visitor is bored. The vibe of this town is tolerant based on the motto of this area that reads; ‘One Human Family’. This has been translated to mutual acceptance and respect for all people irrespective of color, age, religion, and many others believe. Here it’s all about rum punch and love.

The Sanibel Island is also a place that one needs to create time and visit when in Florida. This barrier island is beautiful and offers perfect beach escape. Here, one can scout for seashells in the porcelain sand, spot anhinga, night herons and alligators at Darling National Wildlife refuge. One can also dine fresh and delicious sea food at any of the quaint beach snacks. In case one doe not have a car, then biking on the 23 miles paths in the island will be a great experience. There are other places that one can visit in Florida such as St. Augustine, Caladesi Island State Park, and Amelia Island among others.


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